Refining Pit Stop, your monthly tune-up with refining experts, is a podcast providing insights for the oil refining industry professional, focusing on key refining technologies to include sulfuric acid alkylation, sulfuric acid regeneration, wet scrubbing and hydroprocessing.

Each month, DuPont Clean Technologies refining experts will broadcast an informal and informative podcast on a specific topic relevant to today’s refinery personnel. Topics range from unit operations and troubleshooting to compliance and the latest innovations.

Please join us for this informal and educational series to learn more about key refining processes and specific activities that you can implement to improve operations.



SAVING ACID (PART 1): Fine-tune your pit crew to save $$$ in your alkylation unit

3 SEPT 2020  •  9:00-10:00AM CDT (CHICAGO TIME)

Reducing acid consumption in the sulfuric acid alkylation unit can save your refinery a LOT of money every year...and it can be as simple as improving your lab techniques.

In Part 1 of this two-part podcast, global alkylation industry expert Randy Peterson discusses "pit crew" best practices to keep your refinery at top performance.


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